5 reasons to eat local

Cheffie’s Cafe has been locally owned and operated in the High Point Terrace neighborhood since March 2011.

Being local definitely has its perks: we get to be in the center of a lively neighborhood with some awesome people and pets, we’re a block North of the Greenline, and we get to spend our days preparing unique meals for our community. We provide tons of fresh ingredients and a family-friendly environment that the big chains just can’t compete with.

These all sound like appealing reasons to eat local, but why should YOU eat local?

1. Local shops value you more. We value every single person who walks in the door, which is why we provide the most unique dining experience possible for each guest. We encourage everyone to “Be the Chef” so that they can customize their meals exactly the way they want to.


2. It’s convenient. It is SO much easier and cost efficient for your family to walk or ride bikes to our convenient location located on the corner of High Point Terrace and Philwood Avenue.  You’re going to get fresh, hearty ingredients that will more than fill you up for the ride back to the house.


3. Customer service is better. Cheffie’s CARES about you and your experience at our restaurant. We are here to help you build your dream meal every time you walk in the door: and we do it with a smile.


4. Local gives back to YOUR community. We use your patronage to help give back to our community. Cheffie’s actively participates in local charitable events every year, such as Cirque du CMOM and the MS Brew Movement (shown below), as well as community initiatives in High Point Terrace. 


5. Shopping local creates jobs. By being locally owned, Cheffie’s gets to work one on one with our local staff to create the best working environment available.


Are there any other reasons that you choose to eat local? Let us know! We are always looking to find out why our guests enjoy us and what we can do better to make Cheffie’s your first stop.

– cheffie’s


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