Spring is HERE!

Spring is easily one of our favorite times of year at Cheffie’s Cafe. The flowers in High Point Terrace are vibrant and the families we enjoy serving are riding their bikes or walking everywhere on foot to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Other than the scenery that our neighborhood provides, we are also very proud to say that your neighborhood cafe is a block north of the Shelby Farms Greenline.


The Greenline is a place for sun-starved Memphians to enjoy the sunshine and to get some exercise during their hectic days. Here at Cheffie’s Cafe, we know how important this staple of the community is and we like to encourage all of our guests to take advantage of it.

photo 2

After you get done enjoying your free time out on the trail, drop by your neighborhood cafe on the corner of High Point Terrace and Philwood Avenue to fuel your body for more fun in the outdoors. We would love to offer you refreshing pomegranate tea or one of our signature menu items packed with fresh, hearty ingredients to undoubtedly soothe your body after all the activities.


Now go outside and enjoy yourself! We’ll see you later 🙂



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